STEAMing Ahead

STEAMSTEAM includes key concepts of children’s education. Focusing on how the disciplines interact and integrate with one another.

STEAM-based learning seeks to equip students with interdisciplinary skills and knowledge required in the modern world.  STEAM promotes the importance of creative thinking to create a well-rounded reflection of contemporary curriculum. 

Southwell aims to prepare children with ‘21st century skills’ for the jobs of the future, including the ability to think smart and creatively, solve problems, persist and take risks, have strong digital skills and know how to collaborate effectively.

STEM has been the basis of worldwide educational reform because it is a powerful driver of national economic growth. As the process grows we have found that creativity is a key priority of STEM that embraces the arts in order to foster students’ creative design and performance, using various media. So we now look and refer to the process as STEAM.

Designing engaging solutions requires creative talent; creativity is critical in ideation - helping to create a vision of reimagined work, or to develop disruptive technologies deployed via storyboards, user journeys, wire frames, or persona maps.

The arts enable us to discover our humanity though eliciting emotional awareness to be expressive, evoke emotion, generate empathic understanding, stimulate imagination that disrupts habits of mind and create open-mindedness.

The arts can nurture a sense of belonging to community; they can foster a sense of being apart, or of being an individual. By acknowledging the role of the arts we acknowledge what makes people whole.


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