Useful Websites & Apps


Kid Sence, has specific information about Child Development by developmental skill and age group Charts: The charts can be use by parents to determine if their child's development is progressing within the normal range (please note this is only a guide) and possible implications if a child has not reach normal developmental milestones.


Letters and Sounds – A website that has many phonics games.


Starfall - A fun and interactive phonics website.


Mathplayground - has maths games for middle and upper primary students.


Upto Ten- games and activiteis for toddlers to 10year olds. 


Learning Potential - Learning Potential has lots of useful tips and ideas to help you make the most of those small opportunities in your busy day

Koya Kidz

Useful Apps

Numeracy- Talk Maths, Math Pentagon, Mathmaster Upgrade, Math Fact Upgrade, Ruler, Name that Number, Conundra Maths, Number Snap.
Literacy- Spelling Hero, Kids Learn Sight Words, ABC Phonics, Alphabet Racing, Sound Recorder Pro, Story Patch, Cat in The Hat.
General apps - Show Me – this apps has an on screen recorder where students can watch and listen to something they have just recorded

Coding - OSMO, Dash and Dot, Kodable, Tynker, Hopscotch

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