Physical Education

School spirit. Team pride. Personal development.
Our school sports program brings out noticeable positive reactions and behaviors in students.
The advantages of being involved in sports include:

  • Physical fitness and weight control
  • Positive self-esteem
  • Endurance and resilience
  • The ability to be positively involved a whole variety of social situations
  • The development of problem solving skills
  • Academic achievement

Playing sport is very popular with our students. Southwell’s sports program teaches our students:


1. One step at a time It takes time to master a skill that may look very insignificant on its own but is actually the base for a much harder complex skill. With practice even complex skills can be learnt.


2. Teamwork It takes everyone. Students learn that games can fail if everyone isn't working together.


3. Don't give up Even when the odds are against you things can turn around. Being an underdog can be a tough place from which to start. Practice and building confidence in students builds resilience.


4. Hard work Practicing or playing helps students learn that to be successful at anything it takes your all. No one succeeds by just trying a little bit. You have to make sacrifices and spend time that may otherwise be spent playing around doing repetitive practice to improve your skills.


5. Respect Teachers, students and community all deserve the same level of respect. Everyone deserves respect if they are trying their hardest, and even if we disagree with their point of view.


6. Friendship Students learn that sometimes you and your closest friends may be vying for the same goal or position. It isn't necessarily as important who gets the victory but more how you handle the defeat or victory graciously. No one likes a spoil sport or a bad winner, especially when you are an adult.


7. Sometimes life isn’t fair There are times when students practice very hard and do not win. Learning how to take those losses and move on is a valuable lesson. Because no matter how perfect you do something, it might just not be your day. That will make adulthood a lot easier having that lesson under the belt.

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