Current canteen day is Wednesday.

You can place your orders from 8:30 at the counter.

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Southwell canteen has been going through a revival. A new menu has been prepared and regularly being tweaked to keep the food offered interesting, tasty and healthy.


Helping you to make better food choices
To help you make healthier choices, Green Light, Eat Right classifies foods according to their nutritional value:

Green – The healthiest choice
Green foods are the healthiest choice for everyday consumption because they:
Are often high in nutrients and fibre
Are low in saturated fat and/or sugar and/or salt
Help to avoid an excess kilojoule intake
The majority of your daily food intake should comprise these foods.

Amber An ok choice
Amber foods should be selected carefully because they:
Contain moderate amounts of added fat and/or sugar and/or salt
Contribute to excess kilojoules if consumed in large serving sizes
Provide limited nutritional value
The foods in this category are mainly processed foods and should be consumed in moderation.

– A less healthy choice

Red foods are generally the least suitable option as they:
Are very low in nutritional value
Are high in saturated fat and/or sugar and/or salt
Provide excess kilojoules
Essentially, consumption of these foods should be restricted.