2017 Sports Carnival

Faction Carnival



Congratulations to all who competed in the sports carnival, was a wonderful day enjoyed by all students, staff and family members. Green was the winner this year and there were winners everywhere.

Year 1

Champion Girl: Niyera Manirakza - Runner up: Temeka Kickett 

Champion Boy: Julian Woods - Runner up: Richard Roman and Seth Rahi

Year 2

Champion Girl: Azori Nyangara and Leila Woods - Runner up: Peppa Congress

Champion Boy: Marlion Pickett - Runner up: John Tapnio

Year 3

Champion Girl: Sophirra Post - Runner up: -

Champion Boy: Fernando Tapnio - Runner up: Orlando Woods

Year 4

Champion Girl: Mia Woods - Runner up:  Myriam Nyangara

Champion Boy: Zack Wilson - Runner up: Tjiwa Jamieson

Year 5

Champion Girl: Leilani Hayden - Runner up: Jeanine Irakoze 

Champion Boy: Lucas Newman - Runner up: Emmanuel Nicholls

Year 6

Champion Girl: Allison Gallardo - Runner up: Ebony Strawbridge

Champion Boy: Johnden Bayron - Runner up: Isaiah Moody


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